Traveling through

For all the amazing places I have gone, and the inspiration behind all the places I still want to see. This is for the travelers at heart, the wandering souls and the “chicken-coup” adventurers who would rather fly somewhere in the cheap seats than live a life without exploring the world!

My top 5 bucket-list destinations would be Greece, Ireland, Kenya, Croatia and Turkey. I am in love with culture and travel means reaching beyond what we know and understand in life. I love being in a new place, and will never forget the smells and sounds of a destination.

My favourite travel souvenirs are lapel pins. I started unintentionally collecting them on my first international trip when I bought a small Spanish flag pin at a tiny little street stall in Seville. I have  12 in total (of which only 3 were gifts). My favourite pin is probably the one I bought at a street market in La Romana in the Dominican Republic. One of the vendors was especially insistent on giving me a gift fastening a blue beaded bracelet around my wrist. We bought cigars from him and after trying our best to explain what I was looking for, he dragged us off to another vendor who had one obscure little pin in the shape of the island, decorated with the national flag. The people were so warm and friendly towards travelers that I couldn’t leave without taking a memento of our visit.

Travel is one of the ways in which I hope to share love with the world and I can’t wait for our next trip!