(Almost) Midnight Musings – all about rugby

Second night in a row that I am posting in this new category, might it be that I am becoming a professional blogger? Oh, wait- you probably have to be paid to be a “professional” and some views couldn’t hurt either. (Update- my professional blogging dreams came crashing down when I realized that I never even published this post until 22 days later. Face palm!)

Seeing as it is Super Rugby season in South Africa, I thought about saying a little something about rugby and Superbru. Hooray for being first in the pool of friends (of only 2 women among all the guys)! Hope that lasts more than a week!

The thing about Superbru is that it opens a world of opportunity for more ladies to get involved in what is traditionally a male sport. I’m not saying getting involved as in donning a scrum-cap and lacing up to run out on the field, but more like catching up with one of the national pastimes.

I grew up watching rugby, mostly with my mom. She is super passionate about sport and my dad never sits still, thus rugby and Egoli was watched with my mom. She never really taught me much about rugby, accept that the ref most certainly knows when she is screaming at him through the television. More importantly she taught me to be myself, no matter how loud and annoying others find it when I express my passion for something.

Now my mom (who I love dearly) has always been downright embarrassing as a companion when watching sport. Rugby just seems to be the biggest trigger (and treat) for her. I remember watching her run the entire length of the rugby field right next to my brother as he got his first try in primary school rugby. I unfortunately also remember the traumatized looks on our dogs’ faces when she watches the Blue Bulls play the Stormers, and often lets rip in a string of colorful words that would make a sailor blush. Creative, I tell you.

But when I push aside the cringe-worthy moments, I realise how amazing it is to see my mom watching a good rugby match. She forgets the world around her and just lets go, not caring about what others think of her. That is something unique and rare and I love it when she gets carried away! She shows that we as women, don’t always have to be dainty and quiet and shy. We can also loose our cool about something we care about.

Returning to my original point about Superbru, I really like playing the tournaments beside the boys because it gives us common ground, and helps me to learn about people and their passions. To me, there is nothing more beautiful and telling than seeing what people are passionate about. It gives us a look into their heart if only for a moment.

So, that it my mumble rumble for tonight. Hope you have a great one and remember to show the world your passion and loads of love


(Almost) Midnight Musings

I usually have a hard time falling asleep at night because my mind tends to wander on for ever (it’s a little like heart and brain in The Awkward Yeti comics!) and I decided that I might have to turn this time into something more productive, so without further delay I bring you the first (almost) Midnight Musing…

I recently reconnected with an old school friend, from way, way back. Life just seemed to go its way and I haven’t seen this person in probably 15 years. After connecting via Facebook I thought that her life turned out mostly like I would have imagined it would.

And that small little thought scared the hell out of me! How ordinary for your life to turn out exactly the way people would imagine for you. Now given that this is just a very shallow observation that probably does not do her life any justice, it just got me thinking about expectations and how easy it is to blindly do what others expect of us (go to school, go to varsity, fall in love, get married, have kids, blah blah).

I am opening my eyes tomorrow morning (God willingly) and I am challenging myself to do things a little differently. I am going to make sure that my life doesn’t turn out the way other people expect for me (but way, way better).

If you had to redirect your life to steer it away from the normal, boring, ordinary things people would expect of your life story, what would you change?

I am going to run with this idea on social media and introduce it to my friends to see how they would change their life trajectory to align with what they want from life instead of playing it out the way other people would expect.

That’s all from this tired mind! Don’t forget to show the world some love!