Hi! I am the face behind the LSJ blog. Read on to find out more about me as a blogger (and as a person).

I am not your average “girl blogger”. I only found my passion for makeup and fashion well into my twenties and also, I am African (read from Africa). I am going to share my experiences in this blog, which will include some laughable moments as I venture into flea markets, discount malls and other questionable places to find my beauty buys.

I am twenty-something, living in South Africa. I am a publishing graduate (with way too much study debt and way too little time) and I am passionate about beauty and fashion (duh!). I believe that less is more, especially when the “less” is less time and less money spent on looking good. I am hands on in everything I do so you can rest assured that I try every product before I review it- whether it is sent to me for review or personally paid for.

I love lipstick and I love skinny jeans! I feel that the right shade of lippy and the correct cut of any kind of jean you choose can change your life! Dramatic statement, yes, but ultimately that is what beauty and fashion is about (for me, at least)- it is about empowerment and self-expression. Confidence is powerful, and a little lipstick can go a long way in building a better you, even if it is just a temporary measure.


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