Review: Wet n Wild Graphic Marker Eyeliner

Nothing brightens up your eyes as quickly as a good eyeliner and if you have been reading this blog for a while, you should know I already have a fast favourite, the Felt Tipped Liner by Smudge (available at Clicks nationwide).

Today, I am bringing in a real contender to the favourite title. I present to you, the biggest, boldest, blackest felt tipped eyeliner out there (that I have come across!). The Graphic Marker Eyeliner is available exclusively at Clicks stores in South Africa and retails for R99.95. I have only seen the Jetliner Black, but apparently there is a dark blue popping up in some stores.

Here is what I like about the eyeliner:

It is extreme! The colour formulation is bold, very black and goes on really smoothly. It dries really quickly, lasts through the whole day (even a gym session) and you can even fix small mistakes quite easily with a little facial oil on a cotton bud. I also appreciate the price of this product, and wait for it… the best part… this product, and the entire Wet n Wild line is cruelty free! No testing on animals! And they work with vendors and suppliers who are cruelty free. The products are marked with the cruelty free caring consumer logo regulated by PETA. Of course, this does not always guarantee that their holding companies etc. also comply with these standards, so please do loads of research if this is something you feel strongly about.

A word to the wise: This product is really, really bold! I would not suggest this for beginners because the thinnest part of the felt tip is much thicker than your average felt tipped liner so things can go dramatically wrong, quickly! There is no easy adjustments to even out the line, you are going to end up with an entire eyelid covered in liner if you keep drawing and redrawing.

You can make so many different weights of line with the shape of this liner’s tip and the highlighter shape diagonal tip gives you the perfect edge to create crisp, sharp wings.

Have you tried this eyeliner yet? Let me know how this product turned out for you!



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