Mayhem and mishaps (products I don’t love)


In my ongoing quest to find the best beauty buys out there, I have encountered a few misses, mayhem and mishaps!

I am here to share my experiences with you so you can determine if these products might be right for you before you part with your dearly beloved Randelas.

This will be the first post in a series and next time I will share my experiences with other products including foundations, eye makeup and lip products so stick around!

*** Disclaimer ***  

These products did not work for me (for whatever reason) but they might work for you. Try them out for yourself before lighting the torches and grabbing pitchforks to come after me. My skin is mostly oily, prone to blackheads and flakey-ness in winter. I am usually one of the very light shades in any given range and I don’t tan, I burn. I hope that clears things up!

Skin care products I did not love:

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser (R94.95 at Clicks)

The product is supposed to make “pores appear instantly erased for smooth-looking skin”. Not so much in my opinion. The formulas is clear and almost odour free, dries quickly and goes on with a smooth finish. Only, it doesn’t do much to minimise my pores and it really doesn’t work like a primer. Winter and summer, my makeup is sliding off at the end of the day and my pores are still exactly the same as before. It also doesn’t do anything to hide the lines on my forehead (although it never claimed to do so). I think it might work better with dry skin because it does keep my skin soft and hydrated. Other than that, I am not a fan.

Young Solution Wipe out Spot Eliminating Drops (R41.95 at Clicks)

I suffer from break-outs now and again, and I have been looking for something affordable that is available without a prescription to solve my pimple-problems. Unfortunately this is not the answer. The drops really don’t seem to do much to a pimple, and you have to apply it 4-5 times a day. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I also found that it stings like crazy if you apply it to skin that is slightly broken. Won’t be buying this product again.

Himalaya Herbals Almond and Cucumber Peel-offf mask (Dis-Chem- price not listed)

This mask is supposed to peel away blemishes, firm and rejuvenate skin. I do like that my skin feels smooth and plump after using the mask, but it is quite messy to apply (think green sticky goop everywhere) and although I have really fine, light facial hair it seems to grab onto each and every little fuzzy bit on my skin (even the very fine hair around the outside of my face). I cannot imagine the effect this would have if you have a little more facial hair. My eyes were watering like crazy when I removed the mask. It does feel oddly good to peel it all off in one go! I remember this product as being rather expensive (more than R100 for 75 ml) so I won’t buy it again for that price. I have heard some amazing things about the other masks in the range so I will try them out soon!

Dermalogica Mult-active Toner (R640 for 250ml at Sorbet Salons)

I will start by saying that I use Dermalogica face products in my skin care routine daily. I am a huge fan of the Special Cleansing gel, Pre-cleanse oil and the Skin Smoothing cream (those are my 3 staples for cleansing and moisturising) and all these products are very expensive. I do however swear by them because they last very long, and they are really good for my skin. That being said, I am not won over by the toner. I don’t like the spray bottle for this product, it does not provide a nice mist, rather blasts a lot of product right in the centre of my face which then needs to be distributed over my skin. The texture is a bit tacky and takes a while to dry and overall I do not see the benefit of the product.

Essence Instant Matt Make-up setting Spray (R59.95 at Dis-Chem)

If you have been anywhere near my blog or Instagram, you would know I am a huge fan of Essence Cosmetics. Unfortunately, this setting spray is not something I would buy again! You can supposedly use it before make-up (as a primer) or after to set your make-up. Either way, it didn’t make an impression on me. My make-up did the same old slippy-slide at the end of the day and because the spray nozzle does not make a fine mist, I ended up having wet make-up. Not a great look. I have been trying to use it in other ways, so I will keep you updated if I find a better use for it.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know how they turned out for you! Also, let me know if you want me to try out any products that you have been eyeing for a while, I love reading your recommendations!

In the next post, I will be looking at products by Revlon, Mac, Vichy, Benefit and Nyx as well as some off the wall products I found at my local “China-town” shopping centre.



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