Let’s lunch @ The Steamworks Gastropub

Since moving to Fourways recently, I have been scouting out new hangouts for hubby and I to take friends when we are not in the mood to entertain at home.

On Saturday, we decided we wanted to do a lunch date and settled on a spot we drove by a few times to see what the deal was. I have seen so many pictures on social media and it looked cooky and fun, so The Steamworks Gastropub was on my radar.

We waltzed in a few minutes after opening time (12 on a Saturday) and found the pub empty, but fully booked for the entire afternoon. Luckily we came before all the bookings and had the place  to ourselves for a while.

The most noticeable aspect of this place is the decor. Steampunk everything, everywhere. And here I was thinking that only Cape Town could brag with cool themed pubs! The bar is a visual masterpiece of old world maps, clocks and gears and the rest of the space is decorated with quirky Steam punk inspired pieces that you need to see in person to really appreciate.

The cocktail menu made me feel like I was in an episode of Dr Who! With names like Particle Diffuser, Bubbly Bioshock and Sazarac you can’t help but feel like you are in for a wild adventure come cocktail hour. They have an impressive array of flavours and ingredients including absinthe, ginger beer, beetroot juice, 3 different kinds of aromatic bitters and candyfloss. If you are feeling brave, order the Tiki Mai Tai, served in a handmade mug which, legend has it, will invoke a mischievous party gremlin. My guess is that they might just be a little heavy handed on the rum!

We started out with coffee (the flat white and cappuccinos are equally tasty) and although their coffee options are limited, the basics are pretty good. I had a Chicken and Cheese Prego Burger and the hubby at a Philly Steak Sandwich. I won at food this time around, but only because the brie on the Philly steak sandwich was a little too mild. My burger was spicy but not too hot and I liked the array of flavours that came with the burger thanks to the flame grilled chicken, prego sauce, guacamole and cheese.

I can’t wait to go again in winter to see the fireplace in action and to try out some of the cocktails!

The Steamworks Gastro Pub Lowdown:

  • Need to know: You better book a table if you are going on Friday from lunch time to Saturday closing time. It gets full very quickly!
  • Location: Corner of Forest Road and Sunset Avenue, Fourways
  • Menu: The selection is impressive for a “pub” setting. They serve everything from starters, bar snacks, mains and desserts. You can choose between nachos and salads, pizzas, ribs, burgers and even seared tuna.
  • What to drink: Being a pub, the alcoholic options are limited only by your tolerance. They have wines, beers, champagnes, and a huge range of spirits including some seriously fancy (a.k.a expensive) imported gins and tequilas. Try one of their aptly names cocktails or settle in for a flavoured coffee if you are not in the mood for shenanigans.
  • Caters for: most dietary requirements. Vegetarian customers have a few nice options and gluten free and banting pizza bases are also available
  • Price range: R250 for two, but this could be more if you are having drinks. The cocktails are actually reasonably priced for how pretty they are.
  • Go if: You are in the mood for a pub lunch with friends or you are up for a party with strangers.
  • Don’t go if: you want to order crazy coffee concoctions or if you are planning on having a quiet business lunch.

If you ever end up finding the mischievous party gremlin after throwing back a few Tiki Mai Tais, don’t forget to tell me about your experience and go show the world some love this week!