Let’s Lunch @ Knead Bakery

Since The Club shopping centre opened in Hazelwood, the space has been alive with shopping, friends meeting for drinks and ladies who lunch stopping by for manis and pedis. I have heard so many people talk about the great places to eat, so I decided to drop by for lunch today.

I walked into the Knead Bakery, following my nose! The scent of fresh bread and coffee took me right into this gorgeous little eatery. The moment I walked in, I was sold on the setting. There is space to sit inside or outside and the dining area is small enough to be cosy, but large enough to feel uncluttered. A plus point was the blankets hanging over the chairs, because although lunch time in Pretoria is not cold, it’s always good to know there is an option to snuggle in when the weather turns.

I loved the fact that the space was quiet even in the busy shopping centre. The hum of the huge bread ovens and creak of wooden tables made me feel like I was sitting in someone’s kitchen. The staff and manager were all incredibly friendly and the service was great. It always impresses me when waiters know when to drop by and when to leave you alone.

I had a coffee (it was a skinny cappuccino with brown sugar kind of day!) and a delicious bacon and cheese quiche served with salad and chips. The order was absolutely huge, more than enough for a take away bite.

You can also pop in for an early breakfast (with special prices between 7am and 8am, Monday- Friday), grab some delicious bread to go or settle in for a catch up session with dinner and cocktails. They also serve wine and craft beers along with desserts and other yummy coffee options. I love that they have vegetarian, gluten free and low carb dishes. It makes lunch with friends so much easier because I have a lot of picky eaters in my circle.

Here’s a quick summary of Knead Bakery:

  • Location: Hazelwood, Pretoria
  • Menu: Anything from breakfast to cocktails –the bakery serves artisan breads, breakfast, salads, sandwiches, soup, pastas, pies, bunny chows, brownies, cookies and apple crumble
  • What to drink: A variety of coffees, teas, wine and cocktails.
  • Caters for: Vegetarian, early breakfast, gluten free and low carb
  • Price range: R80- R100 per person
  • Go if: you are in the mood for good food and you have many different appetites to please
  • Don’t go if: you don’t eat bread or if you are looking for a small bite to eat, the portions are quite big- but takeaways are fine!

If you ever stop by, remember to let me know what you thought of this lovely little hideout!


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