Let’s lunch!

I am currently working on the first installment of something that I would love to make a regular feature on this blog- reviews of all the lovely little spots I discover that are prefect for a quick bite or a lazy lunch.

My work pace is very flexible and because I travel around a lot, I have the opportunity to discover all sorts of amazing places to enjoy lunch. Yes, I am one of those people who have lunch dates on their own. I also unpack my entire workstation and have coffee and conversations with clients all at once, it gets a little chaotic at times and I usually feel sorry for the waiters trying to find a spot to put my food.

That being said, I think I have a good idea of places that are “business lunch” friendly. In this feature, I will attempt to show you some new places you can visit when you feel like ditching the office cafeteria or even new spaces to invade when you are not working in the office.

A new-ish development that I have become aware of is places that like to go “unplugged” during lunch time. This basically means no free wi-fi and no laptops allowed in their dining area (some only enforce this during lunch hours, some are quite insistent on this rule, all the time!). The idea of this feature is to show you places that are not “unplugged” during lunch time, so you know exactly where to head when you are craving a bite that isn’t served out of a polystyrene container in the cafeteria. If the specific eatery is “unplugged” during lunch or they prefer not to host business lunches, I will be sure to make that quite clear.

If there is something specific that you would love to know, please comment below so I can add it to my criteria.  I hope you enjoy this feature as much as I am going to enjoy having lunch at a thousand different places.

Now, off to lunch we go!


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