Let’s Lunch @ Fabled Foods in Kramerville

I’ve been a regular “Sandtonite” for about four years now. I travel around in Jozi quite often, my offices are in Woodmead and my boyfriend lives in Sandton, so I am not a stranger to the area. I have also been shopping for home goodies in Kramerville in the past, but to my shame I have missed all the wonderful places to eat for way too long.

I recently had some time to spare between meetings and decided to catch up on some emails while having lunch. Something lead me to Kramerville and I decided to venture into Fabled Foods in Desmond street.

At first I thought that I had taken a wrong entrance and ended up in someone’s garden. Two ladies-who-lunch were already sipping on huge glasses of white wine in the sun while little birds chattered away in the trees close by and I decided that even if it were someone’s garden, I was going to stay!

I am ecstatic at this find! Even during peak lunch hour, the place was quiet and serene. The dining area is on the “stoep” of the building, right outside of the gorgeous little antiques shop and although their menu is limited, the food is wonderful.

I had a filter coffee (no skinny cappuccino’s or tall-no fat-mocha-soya-lattes available) and a grilled chicken breast sandwich which may sound like a simple, beige kind of lunch, but the flavors were amazing. The sandwich was finished off with a “lemony” kind of mayonnaise together with some wild rocket. The coffee was absolutely delicious, and so was the little bits of biscotti that came with it!

This eatery is the lunch time equivalent of a quick spa treatment. The peaceful garden setting was so inviting that I am contemplating my next visit already and I paid under R80 for a decent sized sandwich and two cups of great coffee which is doable. The added bonus is that there are two extremely friendly (read well-behaved) Shar Peis roaming around the garden which makes it feel like home! For a quick escape from the hectic office environment, I would definitely recommend Fabled Foods.

Here’s a quick summary of Fabled Foods:

  • Location: Kramerville
  • Menu: Basic (no substitutions) – serves Breakfast, salads, sandwiches and some dessert options
  • What to drink: Filter coffee, variety of teas and flavored water
  • Caters for: Vegetarian
  • Price range: R80- R100 per person
  • Size: Seats 30 max
  • Go if: you are in the mood to kick back and enjoy a break from the rat-race
  • Don’t go if: you often rewrite the menu or if you have strict dietary requirements, the menu is set and patrons are politely asked to refrain from changing dishes to suit them

If you ever stop by, remember to let me know what you thought of this lovely little hideout!


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