Lauren Beukes: Broken Monsters book review

I finished this title on holiday last year, but only got around to posting this review now. This book has been one of the most indulgent thriller reads I have ever picked up. It is not very long and would be the perfect holiday read, especially if you are left in the dark by the recent load-shedding accompanied only by the rain.

The story follows the case of the Detroit Monster, a serial killer who turns his victims into art masterpieces. Detective Gabriella Versado finds herself in the middle of a horror story investigation, juggling her career and daughter who gets herself in trouble around every turn. The murder investigation turns into a spiderweb, threatening to draw everyone into the dark.

Pack this book into your overnight bag and delight in the spine chilling story that really gets under your skin. You might find yourself checking the locks at night when the rain starts pouring and the wind picks up.


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