Benefit cosmetics haul!

After thoroughly using the Benefit cosmetics I purchased, I can write this review with a light heart and honestly say that I was (overall) a little unimpressed.

Here’s my shopping list:

  • They’re real Mascara in Black
  • the POREfessional face primer
  • Posietint lip and cheek stain

All is fair in love and make up so I thought I would incorporate these items into my routine so I could test them over a long period to see if they would fit into my lifestyle and process of beautification.

the POREfessional primer works as well as one would expect and I was actually quite pleased with it except for the way it blends. I had some issues with the product crumbling into small bits on my skin if I tried to apply to my skin underneath foundation. Which is strange for a primer, right? But applying it over my foundation seemed to solve this dilemma.

The posietint lip and cheek stain is a beautiful colour that can be built up to a more dramatic shade which makes it very versatile. The issues I have with this product is that it doesn’t last very long on my lips and also has a severe drying effect when I use it regularly (again, on my lips). Overall, still a nice to have item.

Now my true disappointment came in with the “They’re real” mascara. It worked fine for the first week and then it became incredibly thick and clumpy. I tried to continue using it, but it didn’t get any better with time. So I tried to comb out the clumps, which lead to a lot of cleanup afterwards and even after it dried, I dealt with major fallout for the entire day. It was also very difficult to remove completely.

I hope that you benefit from this review of Benefit cosmetics. I haven’t given up hope on the entire brand yet, but next time, I will test the products in store and do a bit of research before making a rush purchase just because it is all the hype.

May you never have the type of day that puts your make up to waste! An remember to show the world some love


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