Let’s Lunch @ Fabled Foods in Kramerville

I’ve been a regular “Sandtonite” for about four years now. I travel around in Jozi quite often, my offices are in Woodmead and my boyfriend lives in Sandton, so I am not a stranger to the area. I have also been shopping for home goodies in Kramerville in the past, but to my shame I have missed all the wonderful places to eat for way too long.

I recently had some time to spare between meetings and decided to catch up on some emails while having lunch. Something lead me to Kramerville and I decided to venture into Fabled Foods in Desmond street.

At first I thought that I had taken a wrong entrance and ended up in someone’s garden. Two ladies-who-lunch were already sipping on huge glasses of white wine in the sun while little birds chattered away in the trees close by and I decided that even if it were someone’s garden, I was going to stay!

I am ecstatic at this find! Even during peak lunch hour, the place was quiet and serene. The dining area is on the “stoep” of the building, right outside of the gorgeous little antiques shop and although their menu is limited, the food is wonderful.

I had a filter coffee (no skinny cappuccino’s or tall-no fat-mocha-soya-lattes available) and a grilled chicken breast sandwich which may sound like a simple, beige kind of lunch, but the flavors were amazing. The sandwich was finished off with a “lemony” kind of mayonnaise together with some wild rocket. The coffee was absolutely delicious, and so was the little bits of biscotti that came with it!

This eatery is the lunch time equivalent of a quick spa treatment. The peaceful garden setting was so inviting that I am contemplating my next visit already and I paid under R80 for a decent sized sandwich and two cups of great coffee which is doable. The added bonus is that there are two extremely friendly (read well-behaved) Shar Peis roaming around the garden which makes it feel like home! For a quick escape from the hectic office environment, I would definitely recommend Fabled Foods.

Here’s a quick summary of Fabled Foods:

  • Location: Kramerville
  • Menu: Basic (no substitutions) – serves Breakfast, salads, sandwiches and some dessert options
  • What to drink: Filter coffee, variety of teas and flavored water
  • Caters for: Vegetarian
  • Price range: R80- R100 per person
  • Size: Seats 30 max
  • Go if: you are in the mood to kick back and enjoy a break from the rat-race
  • Don’t go if: you often rewrite the menu or if you have strict dietary requirements, the menu is set and patrons are politely asked to refrain from changing dishes to suit them

If you ever stop by, remember to let me know what you thought of this lovely little hideout!


Let’s lunch!

I am currently working on the first installment of something that I would love to make a regular feature on this blog- reviews of all the lovely little spots I discover that are prefect for a quick bite or a lazy lunch.

My work pace is very flexible and because I travel around a lot, I have the opportunity to discover all sorts of amazing places to enjoy lunch. Yes, I am one of those people who have lunch dates on their own. I also unpack my entire workstation and have coffee and conversations with clients all at once, it gets a little chaotic at times and I usually feel sorry for the waiters trying to find a spot to put my food.

That being said, I think I have a good idea of places that are “business lunch” friendly. In this feature, I will attempt to show you some new places you can visit when you feel like ditching the office cafeteria or even new spaces to invade when you are not working in the office.

A new-ish development that I have become aware of is places that like to go “unplugged” during lunch time. This basically means no free wi-fi and no laptops allowed in their dining area (some only enforce this during lunch hours, some are quite insistent on this rule, all the time!). The idea of this feature is to show you places that are not “unplugged” during lunch time, so you know exactly where to head when you are craving a bite that isn’t served out of a polystyrene container in the cafeteria. If the specific eatery is “unplugged” during lunch or they prefer not to host business lunches, I will be sure to make that quite clear.

If there is something specific that you would love to know, please comment below so I can add it to my criteria.  I hope you enjoy this feature as much as I am going to enjoy having lunch at a thousand different places.

Now, off to lunch we go!

Lauren Beukes: Broken Monsters book review

I finished this title on holiday last year, but only got around to posting this review now. This book has been one of the most indulgent thriller reads I have ever picked up. It is not very long and would be the perfect holiday read, especially if you are left in the dark by the recent load-shedding accompanied only by the rain.

The story follows the case of the Detroit Monster, a serial killer who turns his victims into art masterpieces. Detective Gabriella Versado finds herself in the middle of a horror story investigation, juggling her career and daughter who gets herself in trouble around every turn. The murder investigation turns into a spiderweb, threatening to draw everyone into the dark.

Pack this book into your overnight bag and delight in the spine chilling story that really gets under your skin. You might find yourself checking the locks at night when the rain starts pouring and the wind picks up.

Benefit cosmetics haul!

After thoroughly using the Benefit cosmetics I purchased, I can write this review with a light heart and honestly say that I was (overall) a little unimpressed.

Here’s my shopping list:

  • They’re real Mascara in Black
  • the POREfessional face primer
  • Posietint lip and cheek stain

All is fair in love and make up so I thought I would incorporate these items into my routine so I could test them over a long period to see if they would fit into my lifestyle and process of beautification.

the POREfessional primer works as well as one would expect and I was actually quite pleased with it except for the way it blends. I had some issues with the product crumbling into small bits on my skin if I tried to apply to my skin underneath foundation. Which is strange for a primer, right? But applying it over my foundation seemed to solve this dilemma.

The posietint lip and cheek stain is a beautiful colour that can be built up to a more dramatic shade which makes it very versatile. The issues I have with this product is that it doesn’t last very long on my lips and also has a severe drying effect when I use it regularly (again, on my lips). Overall, still a nice to have item.

Now my true disappointment came in with the “They’re real” mascara. It worked fine for the first week and then it became incredibly thick and clumpy. I tried to continue using it, but it didn’t get any better with time. So I tried to comb out the clumps, which lead to a lot of cleanup afterwards and even after it dried, I dealt with major fallout for the entire day. It was also very difficult to remove completely.

I hope that you benefit from this review of Benefit cosmetics. I haven’t given up hope on the entire brand yet, but next time, I will test the products in store and do a bit of research before making a rush purchase just because it is all the hype.

May you never have the type of day that puts your make up to waste! An remember to show the world some love

A girl’s best friend

Hello…. I see you have a taste for reading blogs!

Be warned, this is a beauty blog (if the title didn’t give it away, I am not sure what would!). So you read beauty, and made up your mind about what this blog might be about. Fashion, lipstick, body glitter and shoes. This may be true (except for the body glitter part, which I don’t really prescribe to). But it’s also about beauty around us. Decor, architecture, nature and so on.

What makes it different? Well stick around and see! I am not your average “girl blogger”. I only found my passion for makeup and fashion well into my twenties and also, I am African (read from Africa). I am going to share my experiences in this blog, which will include some laughable moments as I venture into flea markets, discount malls and other questionable places to find my beauty buys.

I read a guide on “how to write neck-breaking good headlines” and another article on “how to grab the attention of your audience”. In these articles it is mentioned that you should include something personal about yourself… So here goes: I am twenty-something, living in South Africa. I am a publishing graduate (with way too much study debt and way too little time) and I am passionate about beauty and fashion (duh!). I believe that less is more, especially when the “less” is less time and less money spent on looking good. I am hands on in everything I do so you can rest assured that I try every product before I review it- whether it is sent to me for review or personally paid for.

The name of the blog and the title of this first post should give away some more information about me. I love lipstick, and no surprise, I also love skinny jeans! I feel that the right shade of lippy and the correct cut of any kind of jean you choose can change your life! Dramatic statement, yes, but ultimately that is what beauty and fashion is about (for me, at least)- it is about empowerment and self-expression. Confidence is powerful, and a little lipstick can go a long way in building a better you, even if it is just a temporary measure. That is exactly why lipstick and skinny jeans can be a girl’s best friend.

With that out of the way, we can get into the good stuff! I hope you will stick around, read a post or two, and in time, become like a friend seeking advice on this blog.