Firstly, thanks for the feedback on my Facebook page ( on this series. I have really enjoyed reading your comments and messages and I write down all your suggestions for future reviews.

With this post, I am back to share more experiences with you in the series: Mayhem and Mishaps- all about the products I personally did not have a great experience with. This post is about some of the foundations I have tried in the last few months. I won’t be touching on concealers in this post, only foundation products (including one BB crème)

*** Disclaimer *** 

As always, remember these products did not work for me (for whatever reason) but they might work for you. My skin is very oily, prone to flaking in winter and I struggle with blackheads. If your skin is similar, you may have similar results


Foundation products I did not love:

Revlon Colorstay Foundation with SPF 15 for Combination/Oily Skin in “004 Natural Beige” (R130 at Clicks)

You may be able to see from the photo that this product separates in the bottle. That already spells disaster for me. True to my expectations when noticing the separation, the product came out of the bottle in an unstable squirt. I had to mix the product on my hand before applying it. The foundation is really quite thick. The instructions say you need to apply to one area and blend quickly for a flawless finish. Unfortunately I just could not manage the lightweight finish they promise. I have used two different foundation brushes, a silicon sponge and a beauty blender. No joy from any of these applicators.

The coverage is quite full, but it doesn’t manage to blend into the skin well. I had a bit of an issue with the drying time because it stays tacky for quite a while after application. Also, I am not a fan of the smell which tries to be unscented but ends up smelling like face paint. This foundation did the same slip and slide on my skin that many products tend to do specifically because my skin is oily. I was really disappointed with this because the product is created for combination to oily skin. After drying, the product rubbed off really easily.

Lastly, the shade was also an issue for me. It came out much warmer than I was expecting for natural beige and I would recommend testing it thoroughly in the store before choosing a shade.

Vichy Idéalia BB Crème with SPF 25 for All skin types in “Medium” (R339.95 at Clicks)

The first ever Vichy product I bought was this one. I am so disappointed by it! I decided to try out a BB Crème for those days I did not need to much coverage and I like the fact that the SPF is so high in this product. Unfortunately, right from the start it was doomed. The shade is not awful on my skin in summer, but it is definitely too dark for my winter complexion. The issue I have with the colour is that it seems to go “muddy” on the edges when blended out. I have no idea what may be causing this but it looks a little bit like a self-tan mishap. The application is fairly easy and apart from the colourisation issue, it blends out well on the skin. The product is about medium consistency, which is a little too thick for my liking (for a BB crème). The smell is not awful but it definitely has a lingering scent. My biggest gripe with this product is the fact that the finish and “stay-ability” sucks. It slides off of my skin in no time and the finish is very oily. I understand this product is for “all skin types” so it may be great for dry skin. Also, it moves quite easily if you apply another liquid type product over it (like a liquid concealer) and it rubs off on clothing even after drying. I didn’t see any of the refining of skin texture or smoothing fine lines that they advertise and all together, the price is just too high for what I got out of this crème.

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation with SPF 10 in “NW25” (R470 from

This is probably where I am going to rub a few people the wrong way. I know many makeup artists and enthusiasts swear by Mac, but I just did not enjoy this product. The name Pro Longwear foundation might be a clue to my first point. It is not friendly to beginners, at all. You really have to understand the drying time and blendability of this foundation to get it right. It takes getting used to because you really have to get in there and blend it out. Once blended, the finish is nice and smooth. I got the wrong shade (again) and that just irritates me because the Mac Artist in store (this was a stand-alone store, not in a department store) matched it to my skin. It plainly infuriates me to see they use florescent lighting in store! Florescent light is super misleading when choosing makeup shades.

Apart from the shading issue, I found this foundation did not do anything in terms of oil control and I ended up with serious cake face at the end of the day. It rubbed off on my clothing easily even before the oiliness became an issue. I now have this mostly full bottle of Mac foundation that reminds me how much of a waste it was every time I open my makeup box. It makes me sad. I also got the longwear concealer, but as the devil would have it, I dropped the little glass bottle and concealer went everywhere. I still have a little Tupperware container with the concealer and glass shards in it simply because I could not bear to throw it out (although I won’t use it due to the glass shards in the concealer).

Have you suffered from any foundation mishaps? Let me know about them so I don’t feel so bad about my mayhem! Keep sending your review requests and I will get to them in good time.

Next time I will be posting about a few lip products and some eye makeup so if you enjoy these posts, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and head over to my Facebook page for more of the content I share on the blog

Mayhem and mishaps (products I don’t love)


In my ongoing quest to find the best beauty buys out there, I have encountered a few misses, mayhem and mishaps!

I am here to share my experiences with you so you can determine if these products might be right for you before you part with your dearly beloved Randelas.

This will be the first post in a series and next time I will share my experiences with other products including foundations, eye makeup and lip products so stick around!

*** Disclaimer ***  

These products did not work for me (for whatever reason) but they might work for you. Try them out for yourself before lighting the torches and grabbing pitchforks to come after me. My skin is mostly oily, prone to blackheads and flakey-ness in winter. I am usually one of the very light shades in any given range and I don’t tan, I burn. I hope that clears things up!

Skin care products I did not love:

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser (R94.95 at Clicks)

The product is supposed to make “pores appear instantly erased for smooth-looking skin”. Not so much in my opinion. The formulas is clear and almost odour free, dries quickly and goes on with a smooth finish. Only, it doesn’t do much to minimise my pores and it really doesn’t work like a primer. Winter and summer, my makeup is sliding off at the end of the day and my pores are still exactly the same as before. It also doesn’t do anything to hide the lines on my forehead (although it never claimed to do so). I think it might work better with dry skin because it does keep my skin soft and hydrated. Other than that, I am not a fan.

Young Solution Wipe out Spot Eliminating Drops (R41.95 at Clicks)

I suffer from break-outs now and again, and I have been looking for something affordable that is available without a prescription to solve my pimple-problems. Unfortunately this is not the answer. The drops really don’t seem to do much to a pimple, and you have to apply it 4-5 times a day. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I also found that it stings like crazy if you apply it to skin that is slightly broken. Won’t be buying this product again.

Himalaya Herbals Almond and Cucumber Peel-offf mask (Dis-Chem- price not listed)

This mask is supposed to peel away blemishes, firm and rejuvenate skin. I do like that my skin feels smooth and plump after using the mask, but it is quite messy to apply (think green sticky goop everywhere) and although I have really fine, light facial hair it seems to grab onto each and every little fuzzy bit on my skin (even the very fine hair around the outside of my face). I cannot imagine the effect this would have if you have a little more facial hair. My eyes were watering like crazy when I removed the mask. It does feel oddly good to peel it all off in one go! I remember this product as being rather expensive (more than R100 for 75 ml) so I won’t buy it again for that price. I have heard some amazing things about the other masks in the range so I will try them out soon!

Dermalogica Mult-active Toner (R640 for 250ml at Sorbet Salons)

I will start by saying that I use Dermalogica face products in my skin care routine daily. I am a huge fan of the Special Cleansing gel, Pre-cleanse oil and the Skin Smoothing cream (those are my 3 staples for cleansing and moisturising) and all these products are very expensive. I do however swear by them because they last very long, and they are really good for my skin. That being said, I am not won over by the toner. I don’t like the spray bottle for this product, it does not provide a nice mist, rather blasts a lot of product right in the centre of my face which then needs to be distributed over my skin. The texture is a bit tacky and takes a while to dry and overall I do not see the benefit of the product.

Essence Instant Matt Make-up setting Spray (R59.95 at Dis-Chem)

If you have been anywhere near my blog or Instagram, you would know I am a huge fan of Essence Cosmetics. Unfortunately, this setting spray is not something I would buy again! You can supposedly use it before make-up (as a primer) or after to set your make-up. Either way, it didn’t make an impression on me. My make-up did the same old slippy-slide at the end of the day and because the spray nozzle does not make a fine mist, I ended up having wet make-up. Not a great look. I have been trying to use it in other ways, so I will keep you updated if I find a better use for it.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know how they turned out for you! Also, let me know if you want me to try out any products that you have been eyeing for a while, I love reading your recommendations!

In the next post, I will be looking at products by Revlon, Mac, Vichy, Benefit and Nyx as well as some off the wall products I found at my local “China-town” shopping centre.


Latest beauty buys: Dis-Chem Beauty Fair

I recently took a break from reviewing products on the blog following surgery and a long-ish recovery period, but now that I am back on my feet again, I decided to grab a few products to review, including the very popular Essence My Must Haves range. The products in this range have been popping up on my social media feeds for the last few weeks and I won’t lie, I was itching to get my hands on them!

It was beauty sale time at Dis-Chem, so I got quite a few products at a great price. Let’s get into this!

Here’s my shopping list:

Ulta Beauty Salon Formula Nail Lacquer in “Lav-ish” and “Wanderlust” (On Sale R9.99 each)

This is the first time that I have seen Ulta beauty products on sale in South Africa (am I hideously uninformed or is this a new thing?) Let me say that neither of these shades are long lasting, even with a base and top coat. Despite that, I absolutely adore the shade “Wanderlust”. It is a dark shimmery purple-grey colour that is just fantastic. One coat is enough for an opaque cover and it is surprisingly easy to clean (for a dark colour, that is). The shade “Lav-ish” is a very light glittery lavender colour that looked pretty in the bottle but I am not a fan of it on my nails. One coat is not enough for full coverage even though I used a white base coat. It might be a good colour for other skin shades but with my pale skin it just did not pop. The finish for both shades is pretty glitzy and very high shine.

Essence Balmy Kiss Moisurizing Lip Care in 03 “Can’t Live Without” (R27.95)

I recently posted about this balm on my Instagram feed and after using it for a few days I still like the product, however I would caution against using this balm on dry lips. I know this sounds counterintuitive for a lip balm, but I often find that coloured lip products or those with loads of fragrance burn my lips and dry them out even more instead of moisturising them. I love the subtle colour of this balm and it feels more like a balm than other coloured balms (like the Labello Care and Colour range)

Palladio Herbal Glam Intense Gel Eyeliner in “Black” (R99.95)

You may have noticed that I already have a “go-to” eyeliner (Smudge Felt tip liner from Clicks) that I really hold in high regard so the Palladio Gel Liner has quite the shoes to fill. Keeping in mind that this is a gel liner, not a felt tip liner like the Smudge liner, it just does not measure up. I will keep practicing to use this product so I know it is not my own inexperience that keeps me from giving it a higher rating. My main grievance is that the gel liner is not nearly as pigmented as the felt tip liner and it does not sit so close to the skin as other liners. This may again have more to do with the application than the product itself, so I will reserve my final judgement on this product. A benefit of the product is that there is a lot of it in the container, I can see this lasting for multiple years. I think it might also be good for fantasy looks and stage makeup because there is so much of it and it glides on easily so it can cover a large area.

Essence My Must Haves 8 Palette (R44.95)

This palette is designed really well and the single products slot in perfectly and sit nicely in the palette. I like that the palette allows you to easily swap around the singles so you can take a few with you when you travel and easily switch them out as needed. The only downside to this is the fact that this palette is quite big. I know there are some palettes on the market that are larger, but often I find that these palettes house more product. The palette has a lot of open space which makes it a bit clunky to lug around if you are looking at the palette size to product size ratio.

Essence My Must Haves Eye shadow (R34.95 each)

I bought 4 eye shadow colours from this range including: 05 “Cotton Candy”, 07 “Mauvie-time!”, 18 “Black as a berry” and 19 “Steel the show”. “Cotton Candy” is a very light, shimmery shadow that I have started using as a highlighter all over my face and eyes. “Steel the show” is a gun-metal grey colour that works beautifully as a blending shade when doing a smoky eye. My two favourite shades are “Black as a berry” (a very deep purple with a cool undertone) and “Mauvie-time” (a medium purple shade with a grey undertone). The shades I tried were really blend-able, soft and long-lasting. They were not too soft or chalky, but “Cotton Candy” is much more sparkly than it seems when you look at it in the packaging. It would advise that you take a moment to test the shades on your skin before you purchase so you get exactly what you expect when building the palette. After all, you want this to be customised exactly to your liking.

Essence My Must Haves Satin blush in 02 “Strawberry Smoothie” (R34.95)

I have to say, this is the one product in this range that I am not a fan of. It is a very cheerful pink shade, but it is way too shimmery to use as a blush (personal preference) and it is not pigmented enough to use as an eye shadow. You can probably build this colour if you want to, but it just doesn’t do anything amazing on my skin. Also, I find that my blush brushes are way too big for this size pan so I won’t easily purchase the blushes in this range again. It might be nice to travel with, but I don’t have a brush that works with the size of the pan and covers enough surface area on my cheeks, so I am not sold.

Essence 2 in 1 eyeshadow & liner in 06 “She’s got the Mauve” (R54.95)

This product, I love! The colour is beautiful and highly pigmented, glides on easily and stays on all day. It also blends easily and works with powder eye shadows so you can create so many looks with this product. The only tip I have would be to set the product with a powder otherwise you will have vaguely tacky feeling eyelids all day.

Cala Studio Master Blending Brush and Angled Eye Shadow Brush (R39.95 each)

I like these brushes so much, I am contemplating buying a few more just to keep as spares! They are synthetic but soft and flexible. They don’t warp easily when you chuck them into your makeup bag and they hold powders like a dream. I also like the fact that they have a slightly chunkier handle than many brushes I own which makes them feel more stable in my hand.

Have you tried any of these products yet? Let me know what you think of them and which products you would like to see on my next review!

Reasons to write

Writing about beauty and fashion on social media makes me a dime-a-dozen. There are probably hundreds of thousands of lifestyle and beauty blogs out there, and it seems like every blogger has their own special recipe to ensure their voice is heard.

As for me, I honestly don’t have a recipe or a strategy. I don’t have a team of content creators or developers, and I often sit, staring at my laptop in frustration when I find mistakes on the blog that I have no idea how to fix. I depend on my friends and my network to get my work “out there” and I hope that someone sees what I create, and something small resonates with them.

I sketch this picture because it is part of the message I have in mind when I write. If you told me 5 years ago that I would be writing about fashion and beauty in such a public way, with my own name attached to my work, I would laugh because I have never been so scared of anything in my life!

But this is why I write!

I write to share my vulnerability. To show others that it is good to pursue your dreams, even when they don’t amount to what society sees as success. I write because I have confidence issues with my looks, my body, my personal style, yet I know that I am more than the total of my issues combined.

I write because I HATE seeing social media flooded with pictures that fill women with the need to have perfect eyebrows and fake lashes each day to somehow be of value to the world. I review products honestly, because I buy them and I will not make grand claims about something that is hyped up on social media just for the sake of popularity.

I write to send one small voice of kindness into a world filled with so many beautiful people who mostly believe they are not. I write because no one can ever accuse me of perfection and that gives me approachability.

In writing, and sharing and snapping away, I want to speak to you, whoever you are, wherever you are in life. I want to be a voice of reason, someone who says that it’s ok to splurge on a new pair of shoes, but it’s not ok to squander your hard-earned money to fit in with a society that is obsessed with buying things to be worthy.

I create so others can find their own inspiration in my work, so I can nudge you to take the step in whatever direction your heart is pulling you. I create for my friends, for young girls on the verge of womanhood, for ladies who are unsure about their “mom-bodies” and women who are underrepresented in mainstream media and fashion.

I stand for valuing you as a person with a heart and soul before valuing you as a body that needs to be posed and plucked and perfected at any cost.

I believe that each and every woman can be her own brand of beautiful wearing whatever makes her happy. But more importantly every woman should feel beautiful underneath the clothing and make-up. I would be the happiest lady alive if every woman can find her perfect shade of lipstick and her ultimate skinny jean.

Will you join me on your own journey in finding your beautiful?


Photo credit: Simone Franzel  (I cannot recommend her highly enough for any occasion photography. Find her work at


Dressing like you mean business!

Whether you are an old hand at corporate wear, or selecting you first interview outfit, I have some great tips to climb the corporate dress ladder! Read on for some advice to help you liven up your corporate closet or guide you in your first steps to becoming a style savant in the office.

Elevator pitch

Here are some great general tips to sharpen your look without fail!

  • When in doubt, dress formally. They say there is no such thing as overdressed and over-educated, and I totally agree. I am not referring to wearing a ball gown to a family dinner (which would be fabulously daring, BTW!) but rather about the events that you are not too sure about. When done right, formal is never too much whereas you will easily stand out if you are not dressed formal enough.
  • Business does not mean boring. You can go a long way with a basic ensemble and change things up with accessories like scarves, jewellery and shoes. By using accessories to liven up an outfit, you avoid the risk of overdoing it and looking unprofessional.
  • By investing in classic, high- quality pieces you are giving your wardrobe longevity that will benefit you in the years to come. Beautiful fabrics in classic colours and quality cuts will never go out of style.

Now, on to the more specific guidelines!

Colour within the lines

  • Stay away from too many colours at one time
  • Stick to a colour palette, this will make it very easy to mix and match items without worrying about clashes. I opt for white, black, grey, blues and burgundy coloured items
  • Add a flash of colour to your wardrobe with cardigans and jewellery

 Proportions = promotions

  • Be deliberate with your proportions. I have way too many items that fall in the mid-range (especially bottoms). These include jeans that are too relaxed fit to be skinny and others that are too tight to be a boyfriend cut. These items make your outfit look “lukewarm”
  • For the office environment, anything too baggy or too tight-fitting can really leave a bad impression. Leave your super comfy, two sizes too large jersey for Saturday Netflix sessions on the couch. Also, don’t even look at the second-skin skinny jeans that force you to go commando in an effort to avoid the dreaded VPL (visible panty line). You want people to notice your intellectual assets, not your “other assets”
  • Same rule applies for anything that is too short or too long. Mini-skirts are usually not appropriate (depending on how they are worn) but what about your dramatic long sleeve shirt with the cascading French lace cuffs? It might also be a bit over the top, especially if it gets in the way of actually doing your job (theatrical lace and keyboards? I don’t think they are comfortable colleagues)
  • Limit the amount of accessories you wear. Coco Chanel was quoted as saying: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”. You don’t want to look like a Christmas tree. Leave that for the weekend or girls night.
  • Keep your shoes polished and stylish. Don’t opt for casual shoes- this is one small detail that can really bring your outfit together
  • Remember that high heels are not always appropriate and when you do choose to wear heels, stay away from sequined, leopard-print stilettos with huge bows and cartoon characters to top it off. If your shoes speak louder than your resume, you are not doing yourself any favours


  • No matter what the fashion magazines say “sports luxe” or athletic wear is almost always out for business attire. Some exceptions may apply and you should use your judgement in this matter, but I know I would never feel comfortable wearing a baseball cap to the office unless it is a sports day or some other specific reason. And for the love of all things fashionable, remember you are not a Kardashian, you most likely cannot pull off wearing sweatpants and heels to the office. Just don’t do it!
  • Some trends are great for the corporate environment, including the masculine trend, minimalism and beautiful winter textures that are coming into the stores in South Africa at the moment
  • If you love a specific trend, don’t be afraid to incorporate it, but do so with caution. A neon-coloured ring or silver studded bracelet would be great ways to liven up an outfit. Neon leggings and a biker inspired sleeveless t-shirt on the other hand, not so much!
  • Generally speaking I would advise not to over-invest in trends. They come and go faster than the latest corporate buzz-word and your money is much better spent on key, timeless pieces that will add to your wardrobe for years to come

Whether you love dressing formally every day, or you are a jeans and sneakers kind of girl, spending some time on your professional wardrobe will keep you looking ready for the corporate world, and will save you money in the long run (by avoiding overspending on trends and replacing lower quality items frequently).

Go on, conquer the boardroom and show the world some love while dressing to impress!

Lsj (1)

Let’s lunch @ The Steamworks Gastropub

Since moving to Fourways recently, I have been scouting out new hangouts for hubby and I to take friends when we are not in the mood to entertain at home.

On Saturday, we decided we wanted to do a lunch date and settled on a spot we drove by a few times to see what the deal was. I have seen so many pictures on social media and it looked cooky and fun, so The Steamworks Gastropub was on my radar.

We waltzed in a few minutes after opening time (12 on a Saturday) and found the pub empty, but fully booked for the entire afternoon. Luckily we came before all the bookings and had the place  to ourselves for a while.

The most noticeable aspect of this place is the decor. Steampunk everything, everywhere. And here I was thinking that only Cape Town could brag with cool themed pubs! The bar is a visual masterpiece of old world maps, clocks and gears and the rest of the space is decorated with quirky Steam punk inspired pieces that you need to see in person to really appreciate.

The cocktail menu made me feel like I was in an episode of Dr Who! With names like Particle Diffuser, Bubbly Bioshock and Sazarac you can’t help but feel like you are in for a wild adventure come cocktail hour. They have an impressive array of flavours and ingredients including absinthe, ginger beer, beetroot juice, 3 different kinds of aromatic bitters and candyfloss. If you are feeling brave, order the Tiki Mai Tai, served in a handmade mug which, legend has it, will invoke a mischievous party gremlin. My guess is that they might just be a little heavy handed on the rum!

We started out with coffee (the flat white and cappuccinos are equally tasty) and although their coffee options are limited, the basics are pretty good. I had a Chicken and Cheese Prego Burger and the hubby at a Philly Steak Sandwich. I won at food this time around, but only because the brie on the Philly steak sandwich was a little too mild. My burger was spicy but not too hot and I liked the array of flavours that came with the burger thanks to the flame grilled chicken, prego sauce, guacamole and cheese.

I can’t wait to go again in winter to see the fireplace in action and to try out some of the cocktails!

The Steamworks Gastro Pub Lowdown:

  • Need to know: You better book a table if you are going on Friday from lunch time to Saturday closing time. It gets full very quickly!
  • Location: Corner of Forest Road and Sunset Avenue, Fourways
  • Menu: The selection is impressive for a “pub” setting. They serve everything from starters, bar snacks, mains and desserts. You can choose between nachos and salads, pizzas, ribs, burgers and even seared tuna.
  • What to drink: Being a pub, the alcoholic options are limited only by your tolerance. They have wines, beers, champagnes, and a huge range of spirits including some seriously fancy (a.k.a expensive) imported gins and tequilas. Try one of their aptly names cocktails or settle in for a flavoured coffee if you are not in the mood for shenanigans.
  • Caters for: most dietary requirements. Vegetarian customers have a few nice options and gluten free and banting pizza bases are also available
  • Price range: R250 for two, but this could be more if you are having drinks. The cocktails are actually reasonably priced for how pretty they are.
  • Go if: You are in the mood for a pub lunch with friends or you are up for a party with strangers.
  • Don’t go if: you want to order crazy coffee concoctions or if you are planning on having a quiet business lunch.

If you ever end up finding the mischievous party gremlin after throwing back a few Tiki Mai Tais, don’t forget to tell me about your experience and go show the world some love this week!

10 Ways to stay productive when you are sick

I have been planing a new design and stream of posts since January which I hoped to publish on the 1st of March. Clearly, that did not happen and the main reason is that I am an awfully good procrastinator, but also, I have been sick!

My husband and I both came down with a bout of summer flu and it has stuck with us for a while. We have been trying to shake it off but it is so difficult to get better while life goes on. We still had to feed our pups, go to work and honour our commitments, so things have been a little chaotic in our house.

This first post is going to get you through it if you are in the same boat, whether you are recovering from flu or need to rest and recuperate after minor surgery. Please remember, these are just tips and you should always consult your doctor for professional medical advice.

That being said, here is how I keep myself going when I am bogged down by some kind of ailment.


Get up and take a shower

I know it sounds hard and it may be awful but taking a shower and putting on clean clothing will already make you feel better. When I feel under the weather, I always try to maintain my routine because lounging around is great but doing it in dirty clothes when I am less than presentable actually makes me feel worse. All you need is a quick shower and a change of clothes to avoid crashing on the couch smelling and looking like a zombie. You can even comb your hair and tie it back if you have the energy to do it

Eat a decent meal

This sounds like a no-brainer but I can’t count how many times I have stopped eating when I got sick. You may not feel like preparing a meal or your appetite may be non-existent but now is not the time to starve your body. You will need the energy to power your body to fight. Recovery is very hard work for your immune system so fuel it by eating properly

Pace yourself

Don’t try to work at your normal pace. You will be slower and things will feel like they are dragging on forever, but it is important to remember that you need rest and by trying to maintain your normal pace you will only end up exhausted and frustrated. Do some work, rest a little, snack on something and then get back to work

Do things you never get around to

All those awful admin tasks that are completely brain-dead are the perfect things to do when you are not at your best. I can never sit still so these mundane tasks get thrown by the wayside, but when I am not at my best, these tasks are often on my to-do list simply because they are not super exciting and they won’t take a lot out of me. The perfect example would be unsubscribing from newsletters you really didn’t want in the first place (Google to see all your subscriptions and unsubscribe in a flash!)

Sleep! a lot!

I can’t stress this enough! Sleeping is essential to your body and the more you sleep, the quicker you will feel better. If you are not used to taking a nap during the day you might find it hard to fall asleep. Crash on the couch in front of the TV and switch on a show that is only mildly interesting, this always helps me to drift off

Keep hydrated and eat healthy snacks

When you are taking medicine, your body needs the extra water to metabolise the chemicals. Your liver will thank you for drinking lots of water. Same goes for snacking. Don’t immediately reach for all the junk you can find. This will give your body another problem to deal with when fighting to recover

Check and re-check any important work you have been doing

Even better, get someone to check your work. Feeling sick often affects our ability to concentrate and mistakes can easily set in. If you are working on something really important, double check your work and ask someone else to take a look. This way, you are ensuring that you don’t end up doing work you will later have to redo

Plan ahead

Planning is a great way to be productive in your down-time. It forces you to sit down and think about what needs to happen. It also helps you to be more realistic in setting goals for yourself because it is hard to overestimate yourself when you feel sick

Move around a bit

Please don’t hit the gym when you are feeling sick! All you need to do is to get up from your spot now and again to get some fresh air and to move your muscles a bit. Being stationary for too long will lead to cramps and pains

Do something to lift your mood

Watch a good movie, phone a friend or get crafty. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as the activity is not too strenuous and you are having a good time. When you enjoy yourself you will feel more positive and that will motivate you


Do you have any great ideas for being productive when you are not at your best? Be sure to share them with me!


Book review: 50 People who stuffed up South Africa

First, let me start off by saying that I am not an avid reader of political commentary in book form. I am not well read in this category and cannot by any measure call myself an expert on political or social aspects in this specific landscape. You’ve been warned.

That being mentioned, I am amazed by how much I enjoyed this book. It is written by Alexander Parker and the illustrations are so magnificently provided by Zapiro.

This collection of short insights on the most infamous and damaging contributors to South African history is a to-the-point commentary on the many men and women who have etched deep markings into our history. In the 200 odd pages, the gloves come off in the most astute manner, touching on Lords, Ladies and Losers alike.

Parker does an amazing job of drawing the reader into a web of misfortunes ranging from the early evils manifested in the likes of the Lords Carnarvon, Milner and Kitchener to the modern muppets of mayhem such as Julius Malema, Steve Hofmeyr and the minibus taxi driver.

What stuck with me while reading this book were the recent happenings in the social landscape of South Africa following the ongoing protests on university campuses all over the country and I couldn’t help but wonder how much longer some of these insights would’ve been if Parker had been writing them today (I am looking at you, Cecil John Rhodes on pages 130 through 135). Reading this book six years after the initial publication, I am thinking that there must be another volume due any day now (is there another one I haven’t noticed?). In 2012 Alexander Parker followed this title with 50 Flippen Brilliant South Africans, which I am still to devour, but I do hope that Parker continues in this line of assault and revelry of South African popular history.

We are currently in a very stuffy political and social climate in South Africa and I have found this book to be a breath of fresh air, blowing out some very dense clouds of nonsensical drama that hangs over us as a nation due to mistakes and horrors of our past. I am not saying that we should deny or ignore these issues of our past at all, but that we should not let these mistakes cloud our vision of our future in this country and Parker helps to clear out some of the mist that has been kicked up recently in the light of elections looming on the horizon.

All out wonderful read for those who are informed or ill-read on the history of South Africa’s motley crew of villains! Don’t wait as long as I did to finish this book, it would be a terrible shame indeed!

This book was published by Two Dogs (imprint of Burnet Media) and should be relatively easy to find at your local bookshop or at (their prices are fantastically competitive on most titles)

Ps: There is a revised edition available, so keep a lookout for the latest one under this title! It’s available from at this link:


Planning a wedding: “do!”

Since getting engaged in October 2015, I have been going through the same kind of journey all brides-to-be probably face, from guest list woes to budget meltdowns, been there, done that (getting the t-shirt printed)!

I decided to jot down a few thoughts on planning a wedding that I wanted to muse about, including things I think I am doing right and things I already quite amazingly messed up. This post will focus on the “do!” part of the equation.

The first thing I did right was saying yes to the right person. I remember a conversation I had with a friend about a year before getting engaged. She told me that you fall in love with your partner again after getting engaged. In my experience that is true, and I also think this is key in a successful relationship. Falling in love with the same person day after day, in which ever way is what has kept our relationship healthy (this, and tons of praying and growing together). When falling in love you overlook small issues and focus on the great aspects of your partner, and that is how I keep falling in love with my fiancé over and over again.

Secondly, we decided early on what the most important aspects of our wedding would be and focused on those things. If something went wrong and it wasn’t on our “big things” list we made due with the next best thing. So what if we couldn’t have the exact date we wanted? We picked the Saturday closest to it and moved along swiftly. This gave us time to spend on important things that matter to us.

Thirdly, we decided to make our special day OUR SPECIAL DAY. In other words, we did away with traditions that we didn’t like or want. Some of these choices ruffled other people’s feathers, but they eventually get over this and you end up being better off by sticking to what makes you happy. In our case we ditched the wedding cake, crazy expensive flowers and parental wedding bill, instead opting for a selection of our favourite desserts, huge wreaths of gorgeous smelling foliage and we paid most of the wedding by ourselves.

Some more of the  “do!” moments I would recommend to any engaged couple:

  • Do not give in to the hype! All sorts of people will start telling you what you should be spending money on and what is important (just like I am doing right now, ironically!) Choose carefully who you listen to and make sure that you plan your dream day your way
  • You can be as traditional, modern, weird or silly as you want on your wedding. If you have always dreamed of a 5 tiered cake, white doves and red roses then make it happen even if you think its not fashionable or trendy right now- it doesn’t matter! Your wedding will probably end up being hideously out of fashion in a few years if you follow the latest trends, so you may as well do it on your own terms.
  • Save money wherever you possibly can. This may sound harsh, but weddings are overpriced at the best of times . Just because you choose the “budget” confetti or “silver” photography package doesn’t mean your wedding will look cheap. You just need to find a way to keep the costs at bay without compromising on the important things
  • Do not invite people just because you feel you have to. This is always easier said than done, but be hard on yourselves on this point and you will be happier for it. My sister-in-law (to be) reminded me that you don’t want to walk down the isle and see a face that will make you say “ugh”

As the planning goes, I will keep adding things that we did right (and wrong) to the various posts. These will be rounded up in one massive “I do” post once I did!

I want to give credit to the amazing contributors on for so graciously allowing bloggers (and other users) like me to use their images. This image was contributed by “Unsplash” and can be found at: (all credit and rights belong to the owner of the image)

Happy planning and never forget to show the world your love!



(Almost) Midnight Musings – all about rugby

Second night in a row that I am posting in this new category, might it be that I am becoming a professional blogger? Oh, wait- you probably have to be paid to be a “professional” and some views couldn’t hurt either. (Update- my professional blogging dreams came crashing down when I realized that I never even published this post until 22 days later. Face palm!)

Seeing as it is Super Rugby season in South Africa, I thought about saying a little something about rugby and Superbru. Hooray for being first in the pool of friends (of only 2 women among all the guys)! Hope that lasts more than a week!

The thing about Superbru is that it opens a world of opportunity for more ladies to get involved in what is traditionally a male sport. I’m not saying getting involved as in donning a scrum-cap and lacing up to run out on the field, but more like catching up with one of the national pastimes.

I grew up watching rugby, mostly with my mom. She is super passionate about sport and my dad never sits still, thus rugby and Egoli was watched with my mom. She never really taught me much about rugby, accept that the ref most certainly knows when she is screaming at him through the television. More importantly she taught me to be myself, no matter how loud and annoying others find it when I express my passion for something.

Now my mom (who I love dearly) has always been downright embarrassing as a companion when watching sport. Rugby just seems to be the biggest trigger (and treat) for her. I remember watching her run the entire length of the rugby field right next to my brother as he got his first try in primary school rugby. I unfortunately also remember the traumatized looks on our dogs’ faces when she watches the Blue Bulls play the Stormers, and often lets rip in a string of colorful words that would make a sailor blush. Creative, I tell you.

But when I push aside the cringe-worthy moments, I realise how amazing it is to see my mom watching a good rugby match. She forgets the world around her and just lets go, not caring about what others think of her. That is something unique and rare and I love it when she gets carried away! She shows that we as women, don’t always have to be dainty and quiet and shy. We can also loose our cool about something we care about.

Returning to my original point about Superbru, I really like playing the tournaments beside the boys because it gives us common ground, and helps me to learn about people and their passions. To me, there is nothing more beautiful and telling than seeing what people are passionate about. It gives us a look into their heart if only for a moment.

So, that it my mumble rumble for tonight. Hope you have a great one and remember to show the world your passion and loads of love